Change Brings Results

After seven years of battling anemia, I am finally in recovery mode and beginning to feel alive again. But other health issues were making me sluggish and sleepy, so Tim and I decided to make some permanent lifestyle changes.

Last Monday, we joined our local aquatic center and began going daily to the pool. I researched how to get the most benefit out of pool exercise, so we do calisthenics, walk and swim laps, use pool noodles and water weights, and basically never stop moving the moment our feet touches water. We spend a full hour in the water four days a week.

We also joined Emeals and Instacart (if you use the Instacart link, we'll both get a $10 discount coupon).

We've used Emeals in the past, and really liked the way it works. We didn't like their Low Carb plan, so this time, I checked other options to see if they had something that would work better for us. I know that the way Tim and I eat, shop, and cook, that a low-carb plan works best for us overall, and I disco…

When Anniversaries Roll Around

Anniversary dates of events in our lives - good or bad - always trigger memories and emotions, and today is one of those dates.

Twenty-five years ago, my now-ex-husband and I launched a small weekly newspaper in a dying town.

The residents rallied around us, supported us, and cheered us on until we became the town’s cheerleader. We worked around the clock to provide the town with the latest news, all the events and happenings, and recording the day to day history of the town.

Being owners, publishers, editors, advertising salesmen, writers, graphic designers (before there was much in the way of graphic design), and janitors was hard work. It was proud work. The people were so beautiful. So kind. So loving and accepting. But it was also sacrificial work.

We sacrificed our time, our marriage, our finances to grow the business.

Regrettably, I also stupidly sacrificed my children.

I allowed someone else to help raise my children, and three years into this dream of building our future, I l…

Plans, Agendas, Schedules

We've all been there. Life coasting along, going about our business, keeping up with all our plans, creating our agendas, checking off our schedules.

Then suddenly ...

Life happens.

One twist and turn after another, right in the middle of all our plans.

This week, one life happening event was named Hurricane Harvey. Houston and surrounding areas along the Gulf Coast are still dealing with its aftermath. Reading news reports and my Facebook feed of dear friends who are living right in the midst of all the devastation - it just makes my heart hurt.

This week, a cherished family member received a diagnosis none of us were expecting.

This week, a loved one's relationship ended.

This week, a friend died.

We want to take time to just absorb all that's happening - we need just a moment or two so we can process the emotions that flood our souls.

Sometimes, the images from these disasters are too much. Sometimes, the pain our loved ones are suffering is too much. Sometimes, the los…

Fundraising for a Film

In the spring of this year, I was appointed as 1st Assistant Director for the Grace film, being produced by Victory Television Network.

The script is being finalized, locations are being scouted, and fundraising is in full swing.

One of the fundraisers will take place on September 16, 2017, in Bremen, GA - one of our shooting locations. The Cowboy Gospel Fest will include a gospel singing, cowboy reenactments, a silent auction, and a chuckwagon - enough fun for the whole family, and  you're invited!

The list of items up for bid at the silent auction continues to grow, but here's the most recent list:

Framed 2 1940's/50's lobby arcade cards with 2 collector cards. Tim Holt and Bob Steele.

Designer Trish McEvoy cosmetic case with Bath &Body Works spray Cherry Blossoms and Cashmere Glow, and Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Body Lotion.

Framed collector Gunsmoke card with cast and autographed by Newly, Buck Taylor.

Framed event poster Cowboys vs. Zombies autographe…

What is Your Calling?

If you know me, or if you've read my bio, you'll know that I am an "upside-down, inside-out" kind of creature. My dad used to say I did things "bass-ackwards." I haven't yet decided if his words were prophetic or directional.

For most of my adult life, I've been a Christian (you can read my testimony here) and have heard people talk about their calling. Although I've followed a particular career path since 2005, it wasn't until a few years ago that I actually identified my calling.

My calling is to be a CONDUIT.

Does that sound as weird to you as it did to me the first time I realized it?

The idea takes a little getting used to. I thought I was called to be a writer and yes, I do write, but God gave me certain skill sets that propelled me to begin publishing other people's books. He's called me to help others in this manner and each day my work gives me incredible joy. The authors I work with bless me beyond measure, and I'm as ex…

Dialogue Diamonds: The Finder

I come across lines of dialogue on a regular basis and have found myself wanting to "collect" them. I'm not sure why - I'm not much of a collector of anything, except books and dust. But when I read or hear a line of dialogue that strikes me, I want to remember it because I feel like I've just uncovered a rare gem. So I've decided this blog will be a great place to share these little dialogue diamonds - and maybe you'll feel compelled to share some of your favorites with us, too.

A disclaimer - these dialogue diamonds I share may not be deep or profound or extraordinary. But for whatever reason, they caught my attention, and that's enough for me.

Today's diamond is from a short-lived but delightful TV series, The Finder, starring Geoff Stults, that's currently available on Netflix.

In this particular episode, someone had committed suicide, and Stults' character, Walter, says,

"I can think of at least 10 people I'd kill before I k…

Speaking Truth is Not Always Popular

Decades ago, a counselor taught me about the importance of speaking truth in love. Over the years, I've pondered this many times and have learned some important lessons.

When we speak the truth, people tend to react one of three ways:

they accept what we're saying and, if necessary, take any necessary actions; they deny what we're saying, sometimes by a flat-out denial, sometimes by avoidance of the issue or avoidance of the person speaking truth;they justify their version of the truth in an attempt to make you think the truth you speak isn't correct. 
When we speak truth, even when doing it with the utmost love and respect, it may still hurt.

When we speak the truth in love, it sometimes makes us an outcast - folks don't want to hear the truth, so they avoid people who speak it.

People want honesty - until they don't. They want honesty, until it forces them to face the truth about themselves, their situation, or their loved ones.

Sometimes I feel like God has m…