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Write Your Passion: Sharing the Good News


Mystery Monday: Police Procedurals

Up for discussion this week is one of my favorite categories of mystery stories – the Police Procedural.  You know I am an avid fan of this genre when you peek into my purse and see that I carry a much-folded alphabetical listing with the names of procedural authors I enjoy reading, and each of their old/recent/upcoming book titles in date order. This makes it simple to check off ones that I have read, and provides a never-ending stream of potential future purchases (and a super “wish list” goldmine for my family and friends when they wonder what to get me for birthday and holiday gifts).
What is a police procedural?  I like to describe it as a specific format of mystery where the process of how the crime is solved is as equally important as the characters, the setting, and the crime itself.
Often, the following occurs throughout a police procedural:
True to life or accurate representation of police investigative techniquesMedical examiner and detective protocols are described (fingerpri…

Rose McCauley's Thanksgiving Week Giveaway

Rose McCauley is so thankful to have her first fiction book pubbed—Christmas Belles of Georgia—that she is doing a giveaway of the e-cookbook Novel Morsels to anyone who orders Christmas Belles of Georgia from Amazon November 23-27. 
Novel Morsels is a cookbook compiled by Nicole O’Dell with over 100 recipes from books written by 65 authors. This book will soon be listed on Amazon at $2.99 a copy. But this week you can receive it free by ordering a copy of Christmas Belles of Georgia on Amazon, then going to Rose’s blog where you will find out how to contact her by email to give her your amazon order code and receive the code for the free copy of Novel Morsels.
So hurry on over to and order a copy or two or three of ChristmasBelles of Georgia (they make lovely Christmas gifts!) and then get a free gift for yourself. You will have lots of recipes to try out in the coming months and can read about some more great books! And right now Amazon is having a special deal if you buy 3…

Fundraiser and Raffle - You Could Win

Several years ago, I made the acquaintance of author Sandi Rog. Sandi is now in a fight for her life, and we want to help her - but we need your help too. As Alison Strobel Morrow put it:

Imagine you're a mom of four, living with MS, still readjusting to life in the states after years spent abroad, and finally seeing a dream come true. The book you've researched for years and poured your soul into is finally, today, being released into the world. After all the struggles of moving, of helping children acclimate, of learning a new city, of juggling motherhood and family and writing, you get to celebrate the realization of a dream.

And on that same day, your doctor tells you to come in right away--you you have stage 4 T-cell lymphoma, possibly caused by the medication you've been taking for MS.

This is what happened to Sandi Rog on November 1, 2010. For the last year, Sandi has endured chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant, with the hope of destroying this aggressive …

Tough Topics: The Necessity of Brokenness

Today, we welcome Rita A. Schulte to Tackling Tough Topics.