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How Book Reviews Help Your Writing - Part 2

Please welcome Suzanne D. Williams as our guest blogger.

How Book Reviews Help Your Writing - Part 2
(see Part 1 here)

As a writer, sometimes I lose perspective with what I am working on. I have found that one excellent way to see things clearer is to write a review of it.
There are three areas I always consider when writing a review of a book.

First, I ask, “Does the story have an opening hook?” Then, “If I were the reader, would I want to find out what happened next?” The plot of any book needs to progress at an even pace. Give me something to peak my interest along the way. I do like a big ending, but I don’t want to become bored getting there. Then, once I have reached the ending, I also want the plot to tie up any major questions created by the plot.
Part of the fun of writing fiction for me is in the “what ifs.” It seems like a simple idea, but when it is a book written by someone else, we do it all the time. You come to that point in the story and say, “Wai…

How Book Reviews Help Your Writing - Part 1

Please welcome Suzanne D. Williams as our guest blogger today.

Every book deserves a review. I feel this way more now that I am a writer. Having been through the writing process and crafted a book, I know how rewarding it is to have someone leave their objective view on my finished project. I make a point now at a book’s completion to write a review.
I think my perspective as a writer and proofreader helps me. I know what to look for in a book, what works and what doesn’t. I can see where things could be adjusted to construct a better story, and I spot language and grammar errors easily. In this same vein, writing reviews has taught me quite a few things about creating a better story.
What makes a good review?
First, it comes from the perspective of someone who understands books. I’ve read reviews that made me wonder what planet that person lives on. Second, it must be well rounded without strong opinions. If you disliked the book, say why instead of rambling on. Hatred really has no plac…

A Chat with Karen Baney, author of Nickels


Mystery Monday: Interview with Gina Conroy

Happy New Year, Readers! I pray you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that this year will be a blessed one for each one of you.
I recently had the privilege of interviewing author Gina Conroy, and today, we share that time with you.
Gina, thanks for joining us today for Mystery Monday.
Cherry Blossom Capers, the book you wrote with Cara Putman, Frances Devine, and Lynette Sowell releases today! Congratulations – it sounds like a delightful book. Here’s the blurb for our readers:
Encounter mystery, mayhem, and murder near Washington, DC, alongside four professional females. White House assistant chef Tara Whitley works with an old flame, FBI agent Jack Courtland, to stop a plot to sabotage a state-dinner. Attorney Ciara Turner and her nemesis Daniel Evans have trials tracking down a judge’s murderer. Archaeologist intern Samantha Steele and security guard Nick Porter are on the heels of a dangerous forger. Shop owner Susan Holland and renovator Vince Martini turn upside down her late…