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Thank You, Kathy Ide

Today, we continue our week of gratitude to the charter sponsors of Hope Tour 2012.

Kathy Ide and I met briefly in 2007 at the Mount Hermon Writer's Conference, but at the time I had no idea how much she would impact my life in the future.

Thank you, Kathy Ide, not only for your support of Hope Tour 2012, but also of me personally. You are one of God's beautiful treasures in my life.

Kathy is a writer and an editor. She founded The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network, and Christian Editor Network. These two organizations connect writers with professional editors, and editors with book publishers. The Christian PEN also provides numerous resources for editors, including educational workshops all year-round. I've been a member for many years, and have taken numerous courses that have helped me immensely as editor, writer, and publisher.

Some of Kathy's own books:

Christian Drama Publishing: How to Write a Powerful Script & Get It Published

Helps authors wri…

Thank You, Melissa Foster and World Literary Cafe

Last fall, I joined a writer's marketing group and was soon introduced to award-winning, best-selling author Melissa Foster. She is founder of the World Literary Cafe and when I pitched her my idea about the Hope Tour, she wrote, "Yes, you're out of your mind, but I LOVE the idea!" With great enthusiasm, she jumped on-board and is helping promote Hope Tour 2012.

One of our stops on the tour is Melissa's town, Rockville, Maryland, so we'll be having some kind of fun event with her while we're there.

Here's a little information of WLC, straight from their website:

The World Literary Cafe (previously known as the WoMen’s Literary CafĂ©, welcoming both men and women) is an online community that bridges the gap between readers and authors, with the mission of promoting great literature and bringing together the literary community. The World Lit Cafe offers helpful promotions to authors, reviewers, bloggers, and editors by creating avenues to bring them toge…

Thank You to The Book Club Network

Back in January, I had the honor of meeting Nora St. Laurent and instantly loved the woman. She and her husband, Fred, run The Book Club Network and graciously offered to help promote Hope Tour 2012.

The Book Club Network is a place where people feel safe, have fun, share hearts and embrace, Finding Hope through fellowship in reading groups. Their goal is to help AUTHORS connect with READERS and help READERS to discover their books.

Their site features a database of book clubs, events like book signings and writer meetings, discussion boards, reviews, blogs, giveaways, and a whole lot more! Drop by and check them out - tell them Tracy sent you!

Thank you, Nora and Fred, and everyone at The Book Club Network. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you the next five months!

Don't forget, the Hope Tour 2012 Kickstarter is still going on. Drop by, pick your reward, make a pledge - and we'll see you out on the road sometime this summer!

Question - are you a membe…

Thank You, Staci Stallings

The idea for Hope Tour 2012 grew quickly, and soon, it was a gargantuan undertaking. Several people caught the vision early on, and became Charter Sponsors for the entire event.

This week, I'd like to tell you a little about each one of them as a small token of my appreciation for their encouragement, support, and big mouth promotion of our events! :-)

Today, I want to publicly thank author Staci Stallings.

I've only known Staci Stallings since last fall, but during that time she has captured my heart. She has more energy than the Energizer bunny himself, and her attitude is one all of us should model. She is kind, she is pleasant, she is hard working, and she loves the Lord with her whole heart. She loves other writers and spends much, much time offering encouragement, training, mentoring, advice, and sometimes just a compassionate shoulder to cry on.

She is owner of Spirit Light Books, and founder of Grace & Faith 4 U and Grace & Faith Marketing.

She is also a very pr…

We're Going on Tour!

Write Integrity Press is planning a summer book tour - Hope Tour 2012!

But we need your help!

Watch the video, then drop by our Kickstarter page to participate. We're going to post daily on the Write Integrity blog about the towns on our tour, and ask for your recommendations and input as far as food, fun facts, and one MUST SEE from your town, so stay tuned - and plan to leave some comments to help us make the most of this trip!

I hope we'll see YOU out on the road in a few short weeks!

Our Losses Matter

Today, please welcome Rita A. Schulte as she tackles the tough topic of loss.

OUR LOSSES MATTER:  Moving beyond shattered dreams and unmet expectations

When we become Christians, many of us are led to believe, “If you do this, you’ll get that.” Accept Christ, go to heaven. Raise your children in the church, get a holy Christian family. I know; I lived most of my Christian life that way. It’s a life of controlling, orchestrating, and trying to do everything right. If it works (and it does for some people), we risk falling to pride and self-righteousness. If it doesn’t, it leads us to ask the “if only” and “what if” questions that eventually drive us mad: “If only I had been a better parent.” “If only I had tried harder in my marriage.” “What if my mother hadn’t died when I was so young?” Yet there’s no life to be found in ruminating about past failures or future outcomes. That negative, self-defeating thinking profits us nothing. The griever is left feeling lost, confused, angry, and sore…

Designing Book Covers - Part 5

Every day this week, we welcome graphic designer and author Suzanne Williams, who shares some excellent information in a special series on designing book covers.

Part 1 - Designing Book Covers
Part 2 - Composition
Part 3 - Layering and Graphics
Part 4 - Colors and Fonts

Part 5 – Creating the Back Cover and Spine

The final consideration in book cover design is the book spine and back cover. Of course, your first step in assembling your design is figuring your spine width. The formula for spine width is page width (at Create Space for white paper this is .002252) times final number of pages. So for a 300 page book the spine width would be .68 (.002252 x 300). You must know your spine width before figuring total book cover size.

Looking at your complete book cover laid flat you will see the back cover, spine, and front cover, in that order from left to right. So allowing .125 for trim around each edge, your width formula is .125 + cover size + spine width + cover size + .125. For a 5 ½” wide bo…

Designing Book Covers - Part 4

Every day this week, we welcome graphic designer and author Suzanne Williams, who shares some excellent information in a special series on designing book covers.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 – The Basics of Design: Color and Fonts
You have decided to create your own book cover. You’ve looked at graphics and considered the composition. The next and perhaps most important consideration is choosing a color scheme and selecting fonts.
There are two types of color in graphic design – RGB and CMYK. Without getting into a complex discussion of what each of these are, let me simply say they are VERY different. Photographs are taken in RGB. Most vector graphics are CMYK. One does NOT translate into another. Printing companies usually specify which they prefer. Know this ahead of time. If you need CMYK designs, then working only in CMYK will save you headaches.
That said, color imparts a mood to your cover. Look at books of horror stories. What colors do you typically see? Similarly, what colors a…

Designing Book Covers - Part 3

Every day this week, we welcome graphic designer and author Suzanne Williams, who shares some excellent information in a special series on designing book covers.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3 – The Basics of Design: Layering and Graphics
You’ve determined to create your own book cover. You’re willing to learn and have the time to invest. You’ve also given some thought to composition. What comes next?

THE MOST important rule of book cover design is using GOOD graphics. If you aren’t a photographer (and even sometimes if you are), then buy your images.* If you haven’t created vector graphics, if you have no idea what a vector graphic is, then buy them. There are always people who are better than you are at some particular form of design. There is nothing wrong with admitting that. Think of your book as an investment. You want to reap a reward from it, so you have to put money into it.
If you choose to use illustrations, look for quality. I recently viewed a book cover where the woman in the dr…

Designing Book Covers - Part 2

Every day this week, we welcome graphic designer and author Suzanne Williams, who shares some excellent information in a special series on designing book covers.

Part 1
Part 2 – The Basics of Design: Composition
Hopefully, you are reading today’s article because you read the introduction and it only made you more determined to learn. You want to self-design your book cover and you want to do it right. Now, where to begin?

You must acquire a graphics program and software to assemble your book cover, those being the first two most essential things to have. I use Adobe Photoshop to assemble difficult images and Microsoft Publisher 2007 to assemble the book cover. There are other programs on the market, but these provide most everything you need.

Book cover design is all about composition. What is composition? It is the arrangement, or the placement, of all the elements on the page. All of these elements when viewed together should answer one important question. What do you want to draw the vi…

Designing Book Covers - Part 1

Every day this week, we welcome graphic designer and author Suzanne Williams, who shares some excellent information in a special series on designing book covers.

Part 1 – Should I Design?

The End. The manuscript is completed. Hopefully, you had a good (and I stress the word “good”) editor to comb over it. You’ve decided to self-publish. “Now,” you say, “comes the fun part! The book cover!” But wait, you don’t have any background in design. You’ve never used Photoshop. You don’t know what Vector graphics are, and have never heard of layering. Where do you begin?

One of the biggest problems independent or self-publishing authors run up against is what to do about their book cover. After all, the book cover is the first visual impact their book will make on potential readers, so its importance must not be understated. However, most authors are not graphic designers, and it is one thing to know what style of book cover you like and quite another to create it.

There are a few tips towards go…

Cool Free Tools for Authors

Please welcome Karen Baney as our guest blogger today.