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Plans, Agendas, Schedules

We've all been there. Life coasting along, going about our business, keeping up with all our plans, creating our agendas, checking off our schedules.

Then suddenly ...

Life happens.

One twist and turn after another, right in the middle of all our plans.

This week, one life happening event was named Hurricane Harvey. Houston and surrounding areas along the Gulf Coast are still dealing with its aftermath. Reading news reports and my Facebook feed of dear friends who are living right in the midst of all the devastation - it just makes my heart hurt.

This week, a cherished family member received a diagnosis none of us were expecting.

This week, a loved one's relationship ended.

This week, a friend died.

We want to take time to just absorb all that's happening - we need just a moment or two so we can process the emotions that flood our souls.

Sometimes, the images from these disasters are too much. Sometimes, the pain our loved ones are suffering is too much. Sometimes, the los…

Fundraising for a Film

In the spring of this year, I was appointed as 1st Assistant Director for the Grace film, being produced by Victory Television Network.

The script is being finalized, locations are being scouted, and fundraising is in full swing.

One of the fundraisers will take place on September 16, 2017, in Bremen, GA - one of our shooting locations. The Cowboy Gospel Fest will include a gospel singing, cowboy reenactments, a silent auction, and a chuckwagon - enough fun for the whole family, and  you're invited!

The list of items up for bid at the silent auction continues to grow, but here's the most recent list:

Framed 2 1940's/50's lobby arcade cards with 2 collector cards. Tim Holt and Bob Steele.

Designer Trish McEvoy cosmetic case with Bath &Body Works spray Cherry Blossoms and Cashmere Glow, and Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Body Lotion.

Framed collector Gunsmoke card with cast and autographed by Newly, Buck Taylor.

Framed event poster Cowboys vs. Zombies autographe…

What is Your Calling?

If you know me, or if you've read my bio, you'll know that I am an "upside-down, inside-out" kind of creature. My dad used to say I did things "bass-ackwards." I haven't yet decided if his words were prophetic or directional.

For most of my adult life, I've been a Christian (you can read my testimony here) and have heard people talk about their calling. Although I've followed a particular career path since 2005, it wasn't until a few years ago that I actually identified my calling.

My calling is to be a CONDUIT.

Does that sound as weird to you as it did to me the first time I realized it?

The idea takes a little getting used to. I thought I was called to be a writer and yes, I do write, but God gave me certain skill sets that propelled me to begin publishing other people's books. He's called me to help others in this manner and each day my work gives me incredible joy. The authors I work with bless me beyond measure, and I'm as ex…