Monday, November 7, 2011

New Weekly Lineup - Come Join Us!

We're trying something new on the blog beginning this week. Each weekday we'll have a theme:

Mystery Mondays - anything related to mystery writing and mystery stories. (Since today is Monday, we'll start this theme next Monday.)

Tackling Tough Topics Tuesdays - as writers, we're called upon to write reality, and sometimes that involves tough stuff. In this weekly column, we'll offer advice and insights by people who regularly write the tough stuff.

Write Your Passion Wednesdays - Many stories resonate with us because the author is passionate about the topic. I've invited authors to share with us about those topics that fuel their passion.

Talk About it Thursdays - One of the biggest challenges writers face is not in the writing, but in the marketing of their work - getting the word out to readers that a new book has arrived. This weekly column will be a place to promote writers - through articles, reviews, interviews, promotions. We hope you'll help spread the word when you read about it here.

Fun and Free Fridays - In our house, we always celebrate Fridays as a special day. Not sure why we do that - but we do. We try new foods, or go out to dinner, or cook something fun that we haven't done in awhile. We'll watch a special movie or go for a drive - anything out of the ordinary for the week. So we're going to do that here. Fridays will be fun posts about writing. Settings, characters, plotting, anything fun that strikes our fancy.

Hope you'll come join us!

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