Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Write Your Passion: Sharing the Good News

Sharing the Good News
by Christine Miller-Ramey

When I became a Christian in 1991, it became clear that my passion would soon be sharing the good news with others. Since then, I learned about my gift of writing. So with my writing, I share the good news with my devotionals on my website at It is a place that I share anything within the word of God to those who stop by. I love sharing my faith about how Christ saved me and because He saved me how I can now live a free life from sin.

The journey mind you has not been an easy one. I’ve had my share of struggles and disappointments. Yet, through it all, I can still shine and stand strong because of my passion for sharing Christ’ great love with others. I hear all the time on my site how sharing the gospel in the way that I do is needed. It’s something that to many don’t get the chance to hear. If they can’t go to church or have not heard about my awesome Savior then having it available online is the next best thing. It’s a way for others to hear about this Savior of mine. A way for my readers to learn how He can change them one day at a time, and so it is my goal to share that on my blog daily.

I’ve seen my life in turmoil many times before and yet, I’ve seen how He can quickly change it to the good. That’s my goal on my blog. I want my readers to know how He can change them. I want them to be challenged to do something different with their live through my writing. God has given me a gift to write with a purpose, and I’m out to fulfill it!

I have people who make comments on my blog about how we need more devotional’s like this in a hurting world. They couldn’t be more right. It is also a reminder to me as a writer that I have a responsibility to write the good news and to be very clear about my objectives with it. I want the gospel to be portrayed in a positive way to where it reaches the lost.

I want it to be something that when they read it their hearts will be changed for good. Words are powerful, and how I write them depends on rather they are reached or not reached. So I pray daily that God would give me the words that He wants for me to display upon my site, and to the world. I reach people from all across the globe. Interestingly enough, my readership is mostly from people overseas. I find that odd that people from outside the United States where religion is free to all, that I can’t even get my highest readership from them. I often wonder why that is and why it’s not from the country that God was founded upon.

Nevertheless, I’m passionate about sharing my faith so others can grow and walk with Christ daily. I want the words I write to display the love He has given me. I want more than anything else in this world than for my blog to be a blessing and to reach the lost for Christ!  

About Christine:

Christine M. Miller-Ramey is a freelance writer. She enjoys writing devotionals that share her faith and the good news of Christ. Her devotionals have appeared at and She has an anthology that will be released by December entitled “A New Song.” Christine is currently working on her first Inspirational Romance Novel and has entered it into the 2011 Page Turner Competition. She has a blog that is dedicated to bloggers all across the globe and share devotional’s with them monthly at She also does book reviews at Her personal author website is at Her devotional website at When Christine is not writing she enjoys her time with her two cats and her two dogs. She lives at home with her parents in Hilliard, Florida.  

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