Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun Friday a Day Late

Yesterday, I posted a blog on our local Patch site, and meant to cross-post it here, but time slipped away. As I went about my day, I remembered some other observations I'd hoped to share, so I'll post them here with a link to yesterday's post on Patch.

I've so enjoyed spending time as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. This is our final week, and I've learned a great deal. And for the record, in yesterday's post, I think I mentioned warm temps? Well, today, we're set to be 30 degrees colder than we've been for the past several days. So brrrrrr...

A few more observations:

1) I finally learned the reason my daddy thought it so important to teach us how to rub our heads with one hand and pat our tummy with the other - at the same time. Trying to wave with one hand and ring a bell with the other - well, let's just say I'm definitely right-handed and doing both simultaneously has presented quite a challenge. I wonder if beauty queens are taught to rub and pat their tummies and heads?

2) A confession: I've actually dropped the bell a few times! The first week was awful - I dropped it at least twice a shift. But the last few days I began priding myself because I hadn't dropped it for awhile - then I did it again last night. How hard can holding that thing be?

3) Some people can be so nice, it reduces me to tears. Others can be not-so-nice and cause the same effect. Thankfully, the nice ones are in the majority. And it gives me great hope for the future when it's young people - tweens and teens - who show compassion and kindness through their words and actions.

4) I had a few more "celebrity" sightings yesterday! One customer looked like George W. Bush, and another like Celine Dion. Oh - and I forgot to tell you about the one who looked like Clark Kent. I know - there are so many versions and this guy didn't really look like any of them. But if I were casting a new Superman, this guy would be at the top of my list - he just looked like a Clark Kent.

Okay - it's time for us to go out for the day before I take my next shift. If you're in the Woodstock area, drop by the Towne Lake Kroger from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. to say hello and help fill my kettle. And say a prayer for me tonight - that I'll stay warm and be a blessing to everyone I encounter.

P.S. Phase 2 of the Sandi Rog fundraiser continues - you can donate to an excellent cause which gives you a raffle ticket for as little as $2 for a chance to win a Kindle Fire or Nook Color. (The drawing for that is tonight - Saturday - so donate quickly!)

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