Monday, December 5, 2011

God Moments: Divine Provision

God Moments with Jennifer Fromke

So I went looking for a God Moment yesterday. Last night. I went to the place where I see the face of God most: my backyard, in the dark, stars a-hinter and staring down, waiting for me to finally show up.

And it dawned on me (a dawning, after dusk) that “God Moments” are every moment. I simply fail to participate and notice them most of the time. But I have managed to attend a few moments God planned just for me. Funny thing, those moments stick with you.

I’ve been remembering one particular moment of late. Seven or eight years ago I still felt new in town. My kids were pretty young, and time alone with my husband was rare and precious. God sat us behind a family in church that boasted three (count ‘em!) three girls that looked like they might be babysitting material. The youngest daughter in particular caught my eye. God laid her on my heart. She reminded me of me at that age.

But I couldn’t possibly just walk up to complete strangers and ask them to care for my children. Why not go down to the bus station and see if I could find any takers there? God pressed me further. Go meet them. Introduce yourself. But how? “I’m not really a stalker, but I couldn’t help but notice you look like a babysitter…” So I did what I’ve done too many times. I blew off God.

The great thing about God is He doesn’t let us off that easy. Several weeks later, I broke down and introduced myself. And I knew that God meant for it to happen. By the grace of God, they didn’t think I was a crazy lady. And what happened over the next few years warms my heart every time I think of these dear girls. All three cared for my children. Repeatedly, joyfully, with kindness and laughter. And this made my husband and I better parents, because we spent that time together.

And now all three wonderful babysitters have families of their own. And they are seeking babysitters for their children. And they called, because guess how old my girls are now? Just old enough.

And these relationships, these memories, this divine provision, was birthed from a single moment when God pressed me to meet this family.

So when I looked up into the starry sky last night, I saw God’s face and I tried to put my gratitude into words. Gratitude for showing His creative genius to me in such a complex, stunning, spread of stars. Gratitude that He would speak to me, or any of us, really. As I searched the stars, I couldn’t come up with words. God made me a writer and I stood before Him, wordless and wanting. I felt compelled to respond to His amazing-ness (see? Not a good word in sight) but fell short before I could even try.

And then I sensed that simple pressing in on my heart that God does so well, despite my weak attempts at listening. What came to my mind was this: Logos, THE WORD, was dispatched long ago, for a night like this. God already spoke the words I need and those words live inside me today. So I turned my face back up to the stars and my heart swelled, full of The Word, born in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, alive today, speaking true words where none can be found.

About Jennifer:

Raised in Michigan, Jennifer Fromke served tours of life experience in
Wheaton, Minneapolis, and St Louis. Ten years ago she landed in North Carolina.

When forced to separate from the laptop, she can be found with her nose in a book, one hand around a latte, and the other hand stirring something on the stove. Soul food for Jennifer includes laughing with her family and teaching Bible studies.

She is a lover of words, mother of three, and wife to one extraordinary man. In 2010, she won the ACFW Genesis Award for women’s fiction. Her first novel, A Familiar Shore, releases in March, 2012 by Write Integrity Press.

Jennifer's short story, Special Delivery, is available in the 99-Hour 99-Cent Event.

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Tracy Ruckman said...

Jennifer - I love this, and I love how God has brought it full circle. That's so awesome.

Thank you for sharing your God moment.