Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank You, Kathy Ide

Today, we continue our week of gratitude to the charter sponsors of Hope Tour 2012.

Kathy Ide and I met briefly in 2007 at the Mount Hermon Writer's Conference, but at the time I had no idea how much she would impact my life in the future.

Thank you, Kathy Ide, not only for your support of Hope Tour 2012, but also of me personally. You are one of God's beautiful treasures in my life.

Kathy is a writer and an editor. She founded The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network, and Christian Editor Network. These two organizations connect writers with professional editors, and editors with book publishers. The Christian PEN also provides numerous resources for editors, including educational workshops all year-round. I've been a member for many years, and have taken numerous courses that have helped me immensely as editor, writer, and publisher.

Some of Kathy's own books:

Christian Drama Publishing: How to Write a Powerful Script & Get It Published

Helps authors write play scripts for churches, schools, and home schools, and get them published. Up-to-date information on drama publishers including contact names, guidelines, and formatting.

Fiction and Truth:  Stories that Speak to the Soul

This is an anthology of short fiction stories with life applications and related Scriptures, written by more than twenty Christian authors, compiled and edited by Kathy Ide.

When Jesus walked this earth, He taught most often by telling stories. We call them parables. Afterward, He explained to His listeners (or, in some cases, exclusively to His disciples) the parallels and meanings that could be derived from the story. Fiction and Truth follows this effective format. Christian authors tell engaging short stories with memorable characters in fascinating situations. Following each story is a brief “Life Application” in which the author suggests how the lessons of the stories can be applied to the reader’s daily life.

Contributors include Angela Hunt, Robin Bayne, Deborah Raney, Eva Marie Everson, Gayle Roper, Kathleen Y’Barbo, DiAnn Mills, Lena Nelson Dooley, and more.

Polishing the "PUGS":  Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling Tips for Writers

In this book I share some of the most common mechanical errors I see in the manuscripts I edit. Contains rules and spellings for books (based on The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the US book publishing industry's standard references) as well as the different rules and spellings for articles (using The Associated Press Stylebook and Webster's New World College Dictionary, the industry standard references for newspapers and journalistic magazines).

Don't let "PUGS" errors decrease your chances of being accepted by a publisher.
Recommended in the Moody Press style guide!

Typing without Pain

After typing in offices for about thirty years, I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both wrists, DeQuervain's Syndrome in both thumbs, tendonitis in both forefingers, and a rotator cuff injury in my right shoulder. I went to several doctors and physical therapists, where I learned how to relieve the pain. I then did some research on how to prevent such injuries from occurring or getting worse.

In this book, I share tips on how to avoid computer-related injuries by finding the right equipment and furniture, setting up an ergonomically correct work area, developing healthy habits, and recognizing the symptoms of a repetitive-strain injury. I also describe warm-up, stretching, and strengthening exercises that can help muscles and tendons work to peak capacity without pain. Also included are effective ways to relieve the pain of a repetitive-strain injury.

Don't forget - the Hope Tour 2012 Kickstarter campaign only lasts 30 days. We've got 22 more days to meet our goal to make the Hope Tour a reality. Won't you join us?

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