Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Releases!

More fun news!

Write Integrity Press released three books this weekend:

Life Lessons from Moms
Compiled by Suzanne D. Williams and Tracy Ruckman

Available in Print.
Available on Kindle.

Mothers are the first to touch our hearts ...

Memories of our moms evoke a myriad of emotions. Happy or heart-breaking, our moms taught us lessons that carry us through life in one form or another. With this book, we honor all the moms who've taught these unforgettable life lessons.

Mind Games
A Dangerous Games Mystery
by Debbie Roome

Available on Kindle.

A murder on New Regent Street in Christchurch throws Lindsay’s life into disarray. Things disintegrate even further when evidence in the form of a board game implicates her in the killing. With the help of her game collector friend, Sheridan, Lindsay sets out to solve this heinous crime and uncover the truth behind it. Set in post-earthquake Christchurch, the story highlights the charming aspects of life in New Zealand and also keeps the reader guessing until the end.

This novella was originally published in Board to Death, which is now out of print.

A Dangerous Games Mystery
by Tracy Ruckman

Available on Kindle.

Baby boomer and full-time RVer Gretchen Anderson offers to manage her friend's campground, but soon finds herself matching wits with a murderous wordsmith intent on winning the latest game of SENTENCED. 

This novella was originally published in Board to Death, which is now out of print.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Your Donkey?

The other night we went to Mass in a different town.  The readings were about Jesus entering Jerusalem for the last time, riding on a donkey. I have to admit, I've heard that story many times but never had much cause to think about the donkey.

Credit: Claudio Gusmao
Now we have donkeys not far from us, and I can tell you those things can be loud and annoying if they want to be.  That's really my only experience with donkeys, so I didn't give the one Jesus rode much thought.  So this sermon was an eye-opener.

You see, donkeys were a lot like cars, pickups, and tractors all rolled into one back then.  A good donkey was a treasure that not many people owned.  If you had one, you could ride it, you could use it to haul things, and you could use it to plow up the land for planting.  They were very valuable.

In fact, the priest said they could be the equivalent of $50,000 in our society today.

So think about this for a second.  You have this nice, brand new car that you recently purchased for $50,000.  It is sitting in your driveway, and these two guys show up out of the blue and say, "We need your car."

"Need my car?" you ask as if you know you haven't heard them correctly.  "Why?"

"Because the Master needs it."


You tell me, would you give them the keys and let them know there's a full tank of gas in it?

See, the donkey in this story is not an insignificant detail like I always thought.

That donkey represents our possessions on this earth!

Are we willing to surrender our possessions for God's glory?  Are we willing to give the things we have worked so hard to obtain to Him when He asks, just because He asked?

And notice, Jesus didn't Himself go to get the donkey, He sent His disciples.  So it might not be Jesus that shows up on your doorstep. It might be that deacon from down the street wondering if you could help them move some things on Saturday.  It could be that lady from the church asking if they can use your Crockpot for the benefit.

The question is:  are you allowing God to use your possessions for His glory?  Or do you hoard what you have, making sure you are the only one to gain benefit from it?  Do you willingly give up your greatest, most costly treasures on this earth so that God's glory can be revealed?

What's your donkey?  And what are you doing with it? 

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Message of Easter in Song(s)

Certain songs express my thoughts and emotions about things better than I can express with my own words. The two songs below have always captured my heart and thoughts during this special Easter weekend.

Was it a Morning Like This? by Sandi Patty

He is Alive by Dolly Parton


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