Monday, August 6, 2012

Will I See You At Conference?

Writing conferences offer several benefits to writers of all skill levels, at all stages of their career. August 23-25, I am serving on the faculty of the Catch the Wave Christian Writer’s Conference in metro Atlanta. My duties at the conference will include meeting with writers to discuss the possibility of publishing their books, teaching a workshop, and giving the closing speech.

The topic of my workshop, which I’m feverishly writing now, is “The Three P’s of Platform.” In my workshop, I’ll help writers understand the purpose of their own platform (incidentally, that’s not one of the P’s!), and we’ll have a brainstorming session that will help participants nail down, or perhaps even expand, their platform.

Other great workshops being presented at the conference include the following:

– How to Get the Most Out of a Conference
– Marketing for Amazon
– How to Get Published (continuing class)
– Using Articles to Get Fiction and Nonfiction Published
– Writing Daily Devotionals
– Subtexting: What Do Your Characters Really Mean?
– Tools for Excellent Writing
– Basics of Fiction
– Social Media for Authors:  Harnessing Its Power without Wasting Your Time
– Success in the Changing Publishing Industry
– Choosing the Right Publishing Option: Self-Publishing, Traditional, E-book.
– Journaling for Writers
– A Bunny Eat Bunny World – The business side of children’s publishing
– Branding:  No, This Class Won’t Be Boring.
– Unlocking the Acquisition Editor’s Checklist:  How to Stay Out of the Slush Pile.
– How to Write a Really Good Mystery/Thriller
– The Occasional Writer
– Take Your Best Shot:  Pitching Your Story Idea to an Industry Professional
– Believable Characters
– The Well-Tempered Sentence
– Get Organized for Greater Efficiency
– Get Inside the Mind of a Magazine Editor
– Realizing Your Dreams

There appears to be something for everyone! There’s still time to register, if you haven’t already. The conference cost is all bundled together – it includes the conference registration, meals, snacks, workshops, appointments with acquisitions editors, and lodging, all in a beautiful atmosphere that gives you a great opportunity to network with other publishing professionals.

I’d love to meet you there! Drop me a line if you plan to be there, and we’ll make sure we connect.

August 23-25, 2012
The Lodge at Simpsonwood
Norcross, GA (metro Atlanta)

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