Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My MFA Textbooks

I tried putting together a fancy little widget from Amazon to show our textbooks, but the code doesn't seem to like me at the moment.

Instead, I'll list my textbooks, software, and equipment here, and update the list each semester.

Semester 1

Books Required:

Story by Robert McKee
(required for two classes)
The Hollywood Standard

Screenwriter's Bible by Dave Trotter
(newest edition)
The Visual Story
Reel Spirituality
The TV Writer's Workbook

Writing the TV Drama Series

Faith, Film and Philosophy:
Big Ideas and the Big Screen
Anatomy of a Film

Books Recommended:

The Routledge Companion to Religion and Film

Software Required:

Movie Magic Screenwriter

A couple of years ago when I took my first screenwriting class, I purchased Movie Magic 6 for two reasons: platform and cost. MM6 works on either Mac or PC - at the time, I knew I would be switching computers, and MM6 worked easily to accommodate both computers. At the time, it also cost quite a bit less than Final Draft. Today, they're closer in price, but you still have to choose one or the other platforms on Final Draft - you don't have the option of using one purchase for either/or.


Final Draft

We are also required to use SKYPE this year for some communication with our professors.

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