Thursday, June 22, 2017

Uniquely You

My hubby and I like to watch some reality shows. (I know they're the bane of a writer's existence, so my apologies if I offend anyone.)

If you watch enough reality TV, you pick up on patterns from season to season with the cast members: the hunky one, the bombshell, the geeky one, the awkward one, etc.

Recently, I commented that one particular cast member was quite an odd duck. Hubby made a silly comment, which made me re-examine my words, and something struck home.

We all are made to be unique and original, yet culture lumps us into categories just like casting does on these reality shows. I don't like cookie-cutter houses or cookie-cutter cars - why would I like cookie-cutter people?

I realized I don't. My family and friends are all unique and different, in their own special way. And I love them for their uniqueness. I tend to pull for the unique and different on the reality shows, too. (Tim always roots for the cowboy!)

I'm unique and different too - I'm one of those "quite odd ducks." Sometimes, it's hard to like myself because of those oddities.

Over the years, I've tried to embrace my uniqueness, but today, I recognized that I haven't been lately. As I'm getting older, I'm harder on myself than ever - and I need to stop.

We need to embrace our uniqueness - let our lights shine from within. Be weird. Be creative. Be you. And I'll be me. The best me I know how to be.


Jennifer said...

Nice thought! I'm a bit unusual myself 😁

Tracy Ruckman said...

That's why we're friends!