Thursday, August 10, 2017

What is Your Calling?

If you know me, or if you've read my bio, you'll know that I am an "upside-down, inside-out" kind of creature. My dad used to say I did things "bass-ackwards." I haven't yet decided if his words were prophetic or directional.

For most of my adult life, I've been a Christian (you can read my testimony here) and have heard people talk about their calling. Although I've followed a particular career path since 2005, it wasn't until a few years ago that I actually identified my calling.

My calling is to be a CONDUIT.

Does that sound as weird to you as it did to me the first time I realized it?

The idea takes a little getting used to. I thought I was called to be a writer and yes, I do write, but God gave me certain skill sets that propelled me to begin publishing other people's books. He's called me to help others in this manner and each day my work gives me incredible joy. The authors I work with bless me beyond measure, and I'm as excited as they are when their books come to life.

Like the image above, my publishing company TMP Books serves as the conduit to lead and guide others toward publication. Each of the wires inside the conduit represents a different author - each one is different, and each one has their own purpose, goals, dreams. My role is to get those writers from Point A to Point B - from a blank document to a published book, or from whatever stage they arrive.

One writer, a beautiful, intelligent, 75-year-old with an incredibly painful past, handwrote her whole book on legal pads. Another wrote a children's book when her son was small but did nothing about it until he was in college, and by that time, she'd written another experience in story form, too, so we published both books at once. Others wanted to have a tangible book to record family history or family memories, so they could pass them onto the next generation. Some of our writers teach valuable lessons to children through their illustrated picture books. Some have compiled their heartfelt poetry so that it could be published in book format.

Each book unique as its author. Each one with a different purpose.

And I'm honored to serve each one of them to make it happen.

I love being called as a conduit.

What is your calling? How are you using it?


Deborah Dee Harper said...

Interesting post, Tracy. I think you're a perfect conduit, and I find it interesting that you delved deeper than being a writer and found your calling. You're a wonderful writer, and I think that's why God knew you'd be so great as a conduit. This gives me something to think about!


Tracy Ruckman said...

Thanks, Deb. It was sort of hard coming to that realization - I always thought I wanted to be "the somebody", but I've sure found greater joy being the somebody behind "the somebody." (Does that even make sense?)

Elizabeth Noyes said...

More than a conduit, Tracy, you're a true blessing! I have loved working with you over the past few years, and will always treasure your "conduit-ness" in my life!

Tracy Ruckman said...

Betty, thank you for always being such an encouragement and blessing to me.