Monday, October 2, 2017

Change Brings Results

After seven years of battling anemia, I am finally in recovery mode and beginning to feel alive again. But other health issues were making me sluggish and sleepy, so Tim and I decided to make some permanent lifestyle changes.

Last Monday, we joined our local aquatic center and began going daily to the pool. I researched how to get the most benefit out of pool exercise, so we do calisthenics, walk and swim laps, use pool noodles and water weights, and basically never stop moving the moment our feet touches water. We spend a full hour in the water four days a week.

We also joined Emeals and Instacart (if you use the Instacart link, we'll both get a $10 discount coupon).

We've used Emeals in the past, and really liked the way it works. We didn't like their Low Carb plan, so this time, I checked other options to see if they had something that would work better for us. I know that the way Tim and I eat, shop, and cook, that a low-carb plan works best for us overall, and I discovered Emeals' Paleo Plan is great for us. We don't follow the strictness of Paleo (I can't afford the grass-fed meats), but these meal plans are low-carb and adaptable so they're working well for us. We did the breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans, but sometimes we'll make the breakfast or lunch meals for dinner, or eat the leftovers from dinner for breakfast or lunch.

The best thing about all of it: Emeals provides a grocery list that I just add to Instacart, and voila, my groceries and meal planning for an entire week are done. I put together the shopping list in about 15 minutes last night, and scheduled the Instacart delivery for this afternoon. Such an easy and convenient time-saver!

We're already reaping physical benefits from all the changes, too.

I've lost 8.4 pounds the first week, and Tim has lost 3.8 pounds. I still have so much to lose that those lost pounds aren't noticeable yet, but I can feel it from within. Overall, I'm feeling better, moving better, and sleeping better.

One small step toward health, one giant leap toward a living life more abundantly.

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