Monday, February 12, 2018

In Search of Spring

Cabin fever set in hard this week, so yesterday, Tim and I decided to get outside a bit. I declared that we were "in search of Spring."

We went to the Chattahoochee National Park and hiked (walked, actually) a short, easy trail. Few people were out - mostly dog walkers or dedicated hikers, so it was peaceful.

Did we find Spring? Cloudy skies spit a little mist, but nothing that soaked us. Temps stayed in the high 60s, so we're finally thawing out! We took a picnic lunch and ate at one of the tables after we finished our walk. (Note to self: next time take ponchos or the picnic blanket - either would prevent damp bottoms on the ride home.) I spotted a few clumps of daffodils, but only one bloom - and it was too far away to get a decent picture.

Still a bit bleak out there, but the warmth was a relief and the fresh air wiped out the cabin fever.

My favorite photo of the day is this pine tree. Growing up, we had a dozen or more pine trees in our backyard, and I loved them. As an adult, everywhere I've ever lived, folks have said, "chop down the pines, you don't want them falling into your house." [Not that I listened. And I've never had one fall on my house.] So I love pine trees, and the ones we saw today were massive.

I saw this tree and went over to rub its bark. So pretty, so smooth. The minute I touched the tree, it "threw" a pine cone down at us - missing Tim's head by a whisper. I was shocked, and he said, "You tickled that tree!" I laughed, and rubbed the tree again, and sure enough, another pine cone fell - but this one away from us.

Memory makers.

The Chattahoochee was full and flowing, the air crisp and clean. Here are a few more photos of our outing.

I'll be adding some photos to my Etsy shop this week, and will also soon be announcing a Zazzle shop as well, so if any of my photos intrigue you, I'll love for you to check them out. I'd be honored to have some of my art in your house!

Just in case you need a song stuck in your head after viewing these photos:

On the way to the river, we listened to another of Alan Jackson's albums: Precious Memories. If you're a fan of hymns, you'll want to listen to this album. I can't get enough of it. I discovered it on Amazon Music, so I stream it on the app all the time.

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