Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Our Trip to La Jolla

In 2007, Tim and I went to a writer's conference in California. I was working as a contractor for a company writing content for their massive database website. When my boss learned we were coming to the west coast, she invited me to come tour their offices, meet everyone, and they'd pick up the tab for an overnight stay. She recommended we stay in La Jolla, which was a short taxi ride from their offices. [Side note - she tried to talk us into moving there, to take advantage of the benefits they offered the office employees: free lunch every day, free massages - neck or full body - any time I wanted, a free gym, free healthcare, a free coffee and snack bar, and the latest and greatest computers at my disposal.]

This was our first trip to the west coast, and we loved it. La Jolla is such a beautiful place. We stayed in a boutique kind of hotel - at the time, it billed itself as a b&b, but it was nothing like any b&b I'd ever experienced. There was a problem with the tub in our room, and we discovered it moments after checking in, so they moved us to another room. The new room had some odd angles in it (those who know me well know how much I loved that aspect - I hate cookie-cutter anything), and it had a romantic flair to it - a plush wedding ring quilt on the bed, low lighting, and such a view. This was our view:

We went walking later in the day and discovered this beautiful rock formation. I snapped several photos, and this one was my favorite.

This past week, I toyed with the picture in my software and created this "painting" from it - and fell in love with the image even more!

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