Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Entrepreneur Encounters: Dottie Coffman

On my journey as small business owner, publisher, student, artist, and screenwriter, I've met many entrepreneurs. We are all unique and original, but we also tend so have some similarities, including the ability to juggle many projects at once.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to radio personality Dottie Coffman who may be a familiar face, or voice, to many of you. I've known her for years - her humorous personality is infectious, her energy and resiliency is inspiring, her compassion is heart-warming, and her drive encourages all entrepreneurs. And like most entrepreneurs, she's a master at juggling multiple projects.

Dottie, tell us your story.

Scenario #1

Twenty-two years ago, our family opened up a martial arts school. The real owners/teachers were our 15-year-old sons, Nick and Matt Coffman, but because they were not of legal age, I, Momma Dottie, took on the legal responsibilities of the school.

Over the years Twin Tigers Martial Arts (the boys are actually identical twins) has moved around from rented space to rented space. Still very active in the community and always reaching out to schools, day cares, and other organizations to help children and adults reach their potential in all aspects of real life. After many many years of working other jobs to support their families, both Nick and Matt are full time teachers and administrators at Twin Tigers now. Lots of opportunities to help others as Twin Tigers was founded on Christian principles and operates on Christian principles. They not only teach Tang So Do and Brazilian JuiJitsu, they teach life skills, respect, self-confidence, obedience and the fruit of the Spirit.

Touching lives for Christ is really what Twin Tigers is all about. We are the only "church" that some others see. One profound encounter is absolutely unforgettable in my mind. One of our long-time students told his Godly parents that when he thinks of Christ, he sees the faces of Matt and Nick. Humbling, honoring, and somewhat terrifying. But that is the impact we have on our students and their families.


Scenario #2

I had always been a stay-at-home mom. I had many varied interests and curiosities but nothing more important than my four children and my husband. Writing was one of my passions but had to remain on hold until my kids grew up. And I indeed did write a book, Struggle to Bloom, and had it published just a few years ago. My "career" didn't even begin until I was in my mid 50's. And that was a surprise and totally God-led.

I began volunteering on a morning show at a radio station close to my home. Then the manager asked if I would host my own talk show----they needed female representation. The Dottie Coffman Show began around 2007. Later the radio station was bought by a new owner who within a few years of being cheated and lied to by the station manager, asked me to take over and manager the station because I was the only one he trusted. I told him that was Jesus he was seeing. I managed the station until I moved about an hour away and then had to relinquish that position. But I kept The Dottie Coffman Show going and learned to record and produce it myself from my computer. Today, the show airs on Victory Television Network (Radio) and WPCG in Canton, GA. VTN airs in over 60 countries and is growing.

One profound moment in this career happened when I was working at WIMO and was constantly at odds with the station manager. He hated it when I referenced Jesus, God, or anything "religious." He was constantly telling me to not mention those things. He even hated my laugh. I had tried to quit the job before and he amazingly tried to get me to stay. So I did. But the second time I was determined to leave. The manager showed me statistics of how good my show was doing and told me that I had a God-given talent for radio work and I needed to continue. This is the same manager that told me to stop talking Christianity. I heard God say in my ear, "listen to him, I even listened to a donkey." So I stayed.

About the Entrepreneur:

Dorothy (Dottie) Coffman was born in Washington, DC, raised in Northern Virginia. Her varied interests included Girl Scouts, music, dramas, field hockey, basketball, softball, roller skating, and even powder puff football. She spent many years in government service at the Pentagon and at the Veterans Administration. Life changing events such as 4 bouts of cancer, surgeries, her Christian faith, a divorce and remarriage to her husband has all contributed to her subjects used for writing and motivational speaking. Dottie finds that everyday life seems to be the best subject of all.

Dottie was General Manager of WIMO Radio in Bethlehem, GA, has recorded and produced her own The Dottie Coffman Show for many years, has emceed parades and banquets, judged beauty pageants, hosted Atlanta Live on TV 57 Atlanta, authored her book Struggle to Bloom, and is involved with film work.

Dottie lives with her husband and Zeke the dog in Monroe, GA. She is close to her four children and three, soon to be four, grandchildren.

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