Friday, March 2, 2018

Meet the Artist: Krystine Kercher

When I embarked on this art journey - of making my photos and photo art available for purchase, I began meeting or getting reacquainted with other artists. I've loved hearing their stories, exploring their work, and being inspired by their dedication and creativity. I thought my readers might enjoy learning about them, too, so I'm going to introduce some of them to you in the coming weeks. Each Friday, I'll feature an artist here and share some of their work.

Today's guest is Krystine Kercher. We've known each other for many years through writing groups and prayer groups. Now we're members of art groups, too. Krystine is the person who talked me into trying Zazzle for my art, so we have her to thank for creating a monster!

Purple Spring Tulips 
Monogrammed Tote Bag
Krystine, what type of art do you create?

I'm kind of quirky and eclectic. I use original photos I've taken in some of my artwork, but I also do colorful cartoon drawings, and I like to play with word art. I love experimenting with new techniques.

Almost all of the artwork I currently have available for sale is digital.

Cute Funny Tiny Cartoon People 
Graduation Tie

How did you get started creating this particular type of art? 

I got started creating digital artwork after I acquired a point and shoot camera in 2009 that allowed me to take nice photos. This led to playing with photo editing software, which led to discovering that I could draw and edit, and even paint with pixels.

Tell us the story behind ONE of your favorite creations. 

From the Bible Story Chart Collection
One of my favorite creations is artwork for a Progress of Redemption Bible Story chart that I've been redoing. My favorite panel so far depicts Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. It's one of my favorites because of the whale with the toothy grin keeping them company.

My daughter says the whale is a little creepy. And then she says that she loves it. That makes me laugh every time.

Where can we find you on the web?

My artist website: Contrary Market

My two best stores on Zazzle are:

Zazzle: Ms Contrary 

Zazzle: Bible Story Pictures 

About the Artist:

Krystine Kercher developed a love of art early in life, and grew up drawing and coloring her own pictures and creating all kinds of wonderful little sculptures out of clay. She has taken a few art classes along the way, but is mostly self-taught.

She believes that art should never be boring or stale, but interesting and alive, and should always flow from the heart.

Flowers and cats rank high among her favorite subjects, but she also loves drawing cartoon people and animals, and creating word art.

She likes a challenge, and she takes custom orders.

Come visit Tracy's TMPix Art Shop on Zazzle!
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Original Photography Turned into Art
Some funky, some beautiful.
Some bold, some gentle.
Some playful, some romantic.

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Alaska Artist said...

Great blog post! I met Krystine through the Zazzle forum and she told me about a couple of great Facebook pages; Zazzle Features and Artists of Faith.

Another artist friend of mine, who has a Zazzle store, Kathleen Heiner Stemler, talked me into opening mine and like you said “created a monster” LOL!

Tracy Ruckman said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Alaska Artist! I'm glad to meet a fellow Zazzler.