Thursday, April 19, 2018

Entrepreneur Encounters: Donna Sneed

I recently joined an online group of female entrepreneurs, and I've loved getting acquainted with them. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Donna Sneed, owner of SDS Solutions.

Welcome, Donna!

Tell us about your business.

I am the CEO of SDS Solutions, a virtual call center company, partnering with independent contractors who provide professional customer service to major Fortune 500 companies – from the comfort of their own homes.

How did you get started in this business?  

My husband is the pastor of our church which is located in a very deprived area of our city.  For quite some time, we’ve been trying to figure out what we can do to help some of the people in our community bring in some revenue into their homes. 

A lot of the families don’t have transportation, which can be difficult to get and maintain a job. 

We had an opportunity to host a job fair at our church and with the help of advertisement via the local news, more than 150 people showed up to find out more about how they can work from home.  This helped us to make up our minds to pursue starting our call center with hopes of helping families who cannot leave their homes for one reason or another, earn revenue to take care of their families.

I did some research for several months and we made the decision to go for it so we launched SDS Solutions, LLC.

What's your biggest challenge as a small business owner?   

My biggest challenge is helping people change their mindset to believe these opportunities to work from home are real and with some discipline, they can be very successful – setting their own hours and working for themselves.

Share a story with us about a specific moment in your business that changed you or made a difference somehow in what you do.   

There’s something that puts a smile on my heart every single time and that is hearing the excitement in the voices of young women who have struggled for many years.  These women get so excited hearing they can be their own boss and spend more time with their families – all while earning revenue doing what they enjoy!  Every time I hear their excitement about these opportunities, I smile because it has been and will always be my desire to help people be successful.  To help someone get up from what they have considered to be a place of defeat is so important to my husband and me.  We believe communities are made better when families are strong and strong families start with strong individuals who believe in themselves.

Connect with Donna on the Web:

Facebook ~ SDS Professionals 
Twitter ~ SDS Companies  
SDS Solutions, LLC 

About the Entrepreneur:

Donna Sneed is a Pastor’s Wife, Mother of six daughters, Grandmother and Entrepreneur.  She has been employed full-time for the Department of the Navy for over 31 years.  During this time, she has gained invaluable knowledge through extensive training at Georgia Military College, Valdosta State University, and the Defense Acquisition University which helped to develop entrepreneurial skills which equipped her to start and operate a publishing company.  She has authored and published a prayer/study guide and founded the Christian magazine entitled, “Character Magazine.”  Recently, she launched a virtual call center to give families the opportunity to work from home.

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Betty Thomason Owens said...

This is a beautiful story, Tracy. Thanks for sharing it with your readers. And Congratulations, Donna Sneed! May God continue to bless the works of your hands and those are working with you.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Thanks for stopping by, Betty!