Thursday, April 26, 2018

Entrepreneur Encounters: Jennifer Guter

Today, I'd like to introduce you to an entrepreneur I became acquainted with only this week, Jennifer Guter.

Welcome, Jennifer!

What type of business do you own?

I have had a solopreneur graphic design business, Reflections Design and Print, for 23 years. Recently I started a niche business, Standout Handouts, which is specifically for presenters to help them improve their handout materials and get a better response.

I also create powerpoints (slide decks), branding and logo design, infographics, one-sheets, websites, and all types of business printing and graphic design. As a print broker, I also often handle the printing as well as the design.

My goal with every single client is to communicate their message better, faster and more effectively by adding visual elements that support their message and create a strong connection with their audience.

How did you get started in this business?

I have always been artistic and had a strong entrepreneurial streak.  I started Reflections Design and Print when I was a young mom with kids as a way to work from home doing something I loved.  Now my kids are grown and gone and I work full time - I still look forward to each day and every project - I love helping people build their business.

What is your biggest challenge as a small business owner? 

My biggest challenge is marketing myself - I would much rather spend my time marketing and creating designs for my clients!

Share a story with us about a specific moment in your business that changed you, or made a difference somehow in what you do. 

My inspiration for starting Standout Handouts was when attending a (introductory) free presentation for business coaching.  The lady who did the presentation did an excellent job, and her logo, branding, etc was also great.  But when it came to her handouts - they were loose, disorganized and sloppy.  I realized how often that is the case - that presenters rarely make proper use of their handouts to get a better response and build their brand.

Aha! I identified a deeply underserved market -  that was the day Standout Handouts was born.

Presenters put a lot of time (and money) into building their audience- aka "getting butts in the seats."  They leave money on the table by not using their handouts to advantage.  I help by partnering with them to turn their handouts into powerful, organized, useful tools that will lend them credibility, professionalism, and help them close sales and get the results they deserve from their investment.

Jennifer offers a free handout for download: The Ultimate Handout Creation Guide.

Connect with Jennifer on the Web:

Reflections Design and Print
Standout Handouts

About the Entrepreneur:

Jennifer is a hater - of bad design and wasted opportunities. Her 23 year career as a graphic designer reflects a long-term dedication to the eradication of both. She can often be spotted helping her clients save their audience from boredom, apathy and confusion.

Jennifer helps presenters use the fact that 65% of humans are visual learners to their advantage by creating Standout Handouts and branding that communicate their message quickly, clearly, and delivers them a better response.

Jennifer lives in Southern Utah with her husband and two dachshunds, Mokie and Princess. Her studio overlooks both a vineyard and a volcano. She is a fan of great design, bbq potato chips, Asian cuisine and tropical vacations.

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