Friday, April 27, 2018

Journal Entry

My journal entry yesterday took on a life of its own, so I decided to share parts of it here.

Since last fall, I've been bouncing from one project to another, trying to settle in
somewhere useful and productive. With family challenges we had in the fall, then dealing with my own grief and depression issues from that in the following months, I found myself drifting, yet unable to know how to stop it.

For the past week, I've been reading Matt Tommey's book, Created to Thrive. His first chapters have intrigued me so much, I've been exploring webinars he offers, and reading his website to learn more about him.

[See my post Ponderings: Mindset to understand why I felt the need to do that.]

Matt's words and his ministry resonate deeply with me. I'm eager to continue his book and will give a full review when I'm done. 

But yesterday, I started a new page in my journal that reads:

The blank page to the left represents time.

Time spent, but not wasted.

A time of learning.
A time of resting in His promises.
A time of growing.
A time of healing.
A time of serving.
A time of leaning into Jesus with my whole being.
A time of seeking.
A time of observing.
A time of questioning.
A time of thinking.
A time of lack.
A time of testing. Testing myself. Testing others. Being tested.
A time of creating.
A time of flailing.
A time of want.
A time of need.
A time of restoration.

Not until I typed the words above that I had handwritten in my journal did the connection to Ecclesiastes dawn on me.

Now is the time to take that next step. To settle in to what I feel God has called me to do, and to do it with all my heart and with all my might until He calls me elsewhere.

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