Friday, April 6, 2018

Meet the Artist: Dayna Bickham

I love how my life overlaps into different categories on a daily basis. I met today's featured artist through an entrepreneur group, then I learned she's an author, too. Please give a big welcome to artist Dayna Bickham.

Dayna, share with us the kind of art you create.

Abstract expressionism:

How did you get started creating this particular type of art?

My friends were art journaling in their Bibles. I too wanted to express my relationship with God artistically, but could not seem to do so in the same way everyone else was. Stickers, drawing and painting in my Bible was not fun for me. I talked with a friend about my lack of drawing skills and my desire to be artistic and she encouraged me to pick up a paint brush. Three years later I am creating art nearly every day and it has become more than a time of devotion. Many of my pieces reflect my emotions, thoughts, or times of worship. It is often a ministry to share my process as much as my art.

Tell us the story behind one of your favorite creations.

A friend of mine told me once that she did not like my work. I laughed and assured her that was okay, not everyone likes all art. I went on to explain that art needed to evoke
feeling and connect with the viewer. It was okay if mine did not connect with her. Fast forward several months (and after her home was hit by the POST Harvey flooding south of Houston) the Lord told her to ask me to paint something for her home. SHE DID NOT WANT TO ASK ME TO PAINT AT ALL. She did and after I laughed, (I am not perfect by any means!) I said yes. She asked if I could worship and paint to a particular song and of course I agreed. The song, "Peace, Be Still" by Lauren Daigle, (The Belonging Co) evoked images of ocean waves and moonlit nights. I wanted to convey the crash of waves and the stillness of the in-between moments of inhale and exhale. I did not charge for this large painting - (30" x 40") but instead gave it as a gift for her house warming. Her reaction was priceless. Needless to say, she loves my art now and even sees herself in the painting, floating in the waters, not worried at all about the wind and the waves of life. (I put her face in the picture near the top so I was super glad she saw it!)

Connect with Dayna on the Web:

Facebook ~ Dayna Bickham University
Facebook ~ Dayna Bickham Author

About the Artist:

Dayna is an avid adventurer who writes, paints, and lives life out loud. Her passion for people leads her on mission trips around the world and into her own back yard. Her art is a business in itself, but she also teaches people to connect with their inner abstract artist and to embrace creativity in all its forms. Dayna never lets fear or circumstances keep her from moving forward because she follows after the ONE who makes all things work together for good. What is there to fear in that?

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