Sunday, October 28, 2018

More Pattern Design Stories

I've created some new patterns this week and thought I'd share some more behind the scenes details about them.

Before I do, in my last pattern design post, I shared about the black and white snowflakes. I've added some color to that design for a festive winter touch!


I also made them both in a darker blue, too (wrapping paper, gift bag). I've toyed with the idea of making them in pink snowflakes but PINK SNOWFLAKES? Think that's too much?

I realized this week that I have to keep writing these blog posts so I don't forget the origin of the patterns. A few days go by and I tend to forget which pattern came from where, especially after I've put it on different kinds of merchandise.

Several days ago, I cut a bell pepper for dinner, and inside, was another baby pepper! I'd never heard of pregnant peppers before, and quickly snapped this photo:

And then created this pattern from it:

I like putting my food art on kitchen merchandise, so this one went on a glass cutting board. It's so pretty!

Some of my other pattern work this week:

I'm really having fun with the pattern work. Next week, I hope to share some fall patterns.

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