Friday, November 16, 2018

Button Day Patterns

Today, November 16, 2018 is Button Day. My friend, Fay Lamb, joined us in my previous post, explaining our fascination with buttons today, and shares a fun story about buttons on her own blog. This morning, she shared her own button story on her Inner Source blog along with the stories of some of her other friends; this afternoon, she shares the post I sent her.

For my contribution, I told about a small button tub that my husband's sister gave to us shortly after we were married. When Fay mentioned buttons, I brought out our tub and decided to take some photos to create some art.

From this photo, I created styles and colors of patterns and put them on merchandise:

(This pattern is also available as a table runner, blanket, and lamp.)

(This pattern also available as a tote bag.)

This pattern making can be addictive, but I'm trying to put them to good use. 

While you're Christmas shopping, please explore my collections! You may find just the perfect gift for someone.

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