Thursday, November 29, 2018

Exciting News: Changes, New Releases, and a Contest!

Such a busy time of year, isn't it?

I have several announcements today and I'm so excited I hope this post makes sense.

First, about TMPixArt. My artwork is growing and expanding very quickly, and was beginning to hog this blog, so I created a new blog just for art and we'll get back to books and business here. is now live and active, and will carry all my future posts about patterns, photography, art, design, and even a few surprises! To help get the blog started, I've republished several of the articles from here over there, too, so some of the posts right now may look familiar. But from today forward, all posts will be new and current.

TMPixArt is now also publishing a specialty line of books, with a new release this week. That announcement is the latest post on the TMPixArt blog, so check it out here. Bookmark or subscribe to the blog (link in sidebar) and follow the TMPixArt page on Facebook for all the latest updates.

Now about Tracy Ruckman. I finally set up an author page on Facebook. I'd avoided it for years, but now that I have more books published, it was time.

Here's a sample of the inside pages:

The book includes prompt pages like this one, with tablet lines and short prompts to guide children through the storytelling process. Each facing page is left blank for illustrations. 

At the end of each book, we've included extra tablet-lined pages for penmanship practice or more story writing. 

The books are appropriate for ages 5-8. (Stay tuned for similar books for other ages!)

Today, TMP Books has announced an exciting new contest about these books.

Parents, you'll want to check it out!

And finally, Friday, November 30, we begin a new series of holiday blog posts with some of my friends. If you're a foodie and love the holidays, you'll love these posts!

Recent posts:

Recent Posts from TMP Books:

Thank you for supporting authors, small businesses, and artists during the busy holiday season! We are grateful for your business!

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