Thursday, November 8, 2018

Guest Blogger Anna Beck on a Mission

Today, I want to introduce you to Anna Beck, a young lady I met through an introduction by her mom. Anna is on mission, so I asked her to share her story with our readers here.

Anna, welcome! Tell us what you're doing and how we can help.

Hey guys! My name is Anna Beck, and I am a campus missionary for H2O Church on Western Michigan University's campus. I grew up in a Christian home where my parents have been in many different ministry roles from volunteering to being missionaries in Belize to my dad currently pastoring a church.

Because of this, when I entered my freshman year of college at the University of Michigan, I knew that I wanted to find a church on campus to get involved in. The church that I found was just off-campus, and because it was focused on the campus, the majority of attendees were college students. 

My first Sunday felt so surreal and exactly what I wanted as I was surrounded by hundreds of students who wanted to be at church, wanted to be in community with one another. I quickly got plugged into a small group that met in my dorm, and I found women who were passionate about their faith and about doing life together. 

Throughout my freshman year, because of campus missionaries and upperclassmen who devoted their time to doing ministry in the dorms, I understood God's grace on a deeper level than I had before.

I had grand plans to get a degree in microbiology, but my career desires quickly changed when I realized I did not enjoy science like I originally thought, and I had this deeper sense that the Lord was calling me into full-time ministry with college students. 

I changed my major to psychology and started pouring my time into the Bible and into discipleship personally and with incoming freshman students. The church I was attending decided to send another church plant out. As leaders were determining where the Lord was calling them, I felt like God put Western Michigan University on my heart. Much to my delight, church leaders decided Western was the next location! 

Over the next year, the church prepared to send a team to Western, and I worked on graduating/applying to Reliant (more about them later) to become a missionary!

In the summer of 2018, we, the church plant team, all moved from Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo. Our team is about 30 people, including all the children. Eight of us work for the church (two are pastors), and some are married or married with families. In addition, two families and a couple of other people moved with us and found new jobs, so they could help support H2O! 

We had our first services in September, and we have been blown away by the ways we have seen God work in these short few months. One of our hopes for H2O - WMU is to see students become fully devoted followers of Christ whether they have heard about Jesus their entire life or they are just hearing about Him. Some of the ways we hope to see this goal be realized is through having Sunday services, by having small Bible studies throughout the week, being intentional in building relationships/discipleship, and by going to the campus and reaching out/befriending students we have never met before.

In order to do this, all our staff including me are support-based missionaries. I am currently raising my support, so I can be doing this work on-campus full-time. Reliant Mission is our sending agency, and they are a registered 501c3 non-profit who not only employs us, but also, they handle all the legal logistics such as taxes and insurance. 

I would love to ask you all to be in prayer that I raise my support and for the church plant. Also, if you would like to help support me, I would greatly appreciate it! 

For more information about our church, visit

For more information about Reliant, visit

If you want to give online to my account, visit

If you have any thoughts/questions/just want to say hi - feel free to email me at Thank you so very much!!

Thanks for sharing your mission, Anna. May God bless your efforts as you serve Him.

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Unknown said...

It so lovely to see someone devoting so much time to something and having the work really pay off for them. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours

Tracy Ruckman said...

Thanks for stopping by. I know Anna appreciates the support!