Monday, November 5, 2018

Week One November Pattern Stories

I continue to have great fun with patterns and then sharing them here with you. In last week's post, I promised some Christmas patterns so we'll start with some of those this week.

My favorite color combination is green and pink - a wide variety of shades to create so many different looks. My blog banner at the top of this page is one of my favorite combinations, so I started toying with patterns and came up with two that I love and put them on pillows, table runners, wrapping paper, and even neck ties!

One of Tim's favorite Christmas decorations over the years (okay, it's actually his very favorite of all time!) was a blow-up Santa on a motorcycle with a snowman in the sidecar.

Unfortunately, leaves got under the blower motor one year and burned it up. All we have left is this photo:

This year, I brought it back to life through art. Because the photo is old and small, I couldn't use it as is, so I gave it a fun paint effect. Then I turned that image into several patterns to use on wrapping paper and gift bags.

I liked the Santa patterns and colors so much, I'll be adding them to more products this week. 

A few months ago, I took a picture of some roses that had passed their prime but their colors were magnificent and I wanted to capture that. 

From that photo, I created this pattern and used it in designs for t-shirts, socks, and even a box of chocolates for an anniversary!

This pattern making can be addictive, but I'm trying to put them to good use. I'll be adding new products each week, so bookmark my TMPixArt store and drop by often!

While you're Christmas shopping, please explore my collections! You may find just the perfect gift for someone.

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Krysti said...

I've been having a real challenge coming up with new ideas for Christmas patterns. I'm glad you've found some nice ones!

Tracy Ruckman said...

Thanks! I'm pleased with the way they're turning out!