Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Crossing Louisiana

Still trying to get into warmer temps and less rain, we continue our journey southwest without too much lingering. We'd thought about staying overnight at the Natchez Visitor's Center, but it was still early enough in the day that we decided to push west a little more before stopping just over the Mississippi Louisiana state line.

TIP: the drive through Frogmore, Louisiana (state road 84) is gorgeous at sunset.

We car camped near Jonesville for the first time, at the Little River Closure. The listing said there were "pit toilets" available and picnic tables, and that fit our basic needs so we decided to check it out. The pit toilets were actually a thousand times cleaner and nicer than a gas station restroom I'd run from earlier in the day.

We'd already had dinner, so we just settled in and snuggled into our seats, not bothering to set up our tent. We knew it would be another cold night, with possible rain, so we chose to stay dry and warm. That worked well for us. Dreary day = dreary photo.

The place was dark, but we never felt unsafe. We could see cars as they came and went, but there weren't many. One guy had been night fishing, so he pulled his boat out of the water around midnight - that was the most action we saw all night.

We saw a beautiful shooting star, too.

The next morning, we made our way to Alexandria, Louisiana, where we found a laundromat that advertised wifi - but they had none. But we did manage to dry our blankets and coats, and pick up some lunch fixins at an IGA store. While we were there, we realized we needed to explore some local groceries more in depth. So we plan to do that as we continue traveling.

For our third night out, we'd planned to stay in a campground that offered $4 per night tent sites. When we arrived, the entrance looked beautiful, so we drove around to check things out. We saw the tent camping area, but something about the place just didn't feel right. We knocked on the door and the host answered, telling us he was too sick to fool with us. So we left.

We made our way to another place on the Intracoastal Waterway in Sulphur, LA. The listing said they had $4 tent sites available. We pulled in, saw they had gravel sites. We stopped and talked to the host, told her we were tent camping. She said the ground was too soggy to pitch tents right now, but we were welcomed to car camp for the night if we wanted. She pointed to an area where we could pick a spot, and said she wouldn't even charge us for the night.

A bathhouse with showers (where I'm headed the moment I finish writing this post), and a picnic table where we could cook our own food. A huge bonus is being able to watch the tugboats and barges float up and down the river. I'm now waiting to hear the whistle for the draw bridge and hope to capture some photos of it, too.

Our first night here was peaceful and delicious. Tim cooked pork chops that we'd brought
from home that were finally starting to thaw a little. We also prepared some potatoes and onions to pan fry. This morning, he cooked bacon and eggs, then after breakfast, he sauteed some chicken that was beginning to thaw, too. We'll eat that for our lunch and dinner tonight.

I was pleased to finally snap a photo of one of the barges and tugboats, and had to smile when I saw its name: the Blessed Trinity.

We're going to stay here one more night, then tomorrow, we'll head into Texas.

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