Thursday, January 31, 2019

#LeapFrogs on the Move: On the Way to San Antonio

I finally uploaded a brief video that tried to capture some of the winds we were dealing with at Lake Corpus Christi, detailed in the last post. This video was taken just a few short moments before stronger winds hit. At this point, one tent pole was already broken, and I'd already re-staked the closest corner of the tarp. Within 30 minutes of this video shot, we'd lost another larger tent pole and one wall of the tent had ripped.

Amazingly, we managed to get some dinner (and our breakfast for the next day) cooked before the tent collapsed and we started packing the car.

For dinner, we had these "flappin' jacks in the wind" with some bacon, and then, the next morning, we ate the rest of the bacon with some hard-boiled eggs. Yes, Tim travels with bacon and hot sauce. (It's Tabasco, the Garlic variety - wonder if they'd sponsor the #LeapFrogs? He just told me to try for a bacon sponsorship, too! Ha!)

After leaving the lake, we took the backroads into San Antonio, taking our time and soaking in the countryside.

We drove into the Choke Canyon Reservoir area to see if it might be a good camping area for any future trips to the area. As we drove around, we spotted a wild hog. Photo is not great, because it was taken with my phone and so far away, but I was glad not to be any closer!

Small towns always intrigue me, so we usually stop and take a few photos of their main street areas.

The town of George West had a cute little square with red street lamps, and a bbq place across the street that smelled heavenly - but we'd just finished breakfast!

The Atascosa County Courthouse in Jourdanton is on the National Historic Register.

The town of Calliham had a post office almost smaller than the sign pointing to it.

We eventually got to San Antonio, but the small towns along the way help me remember that life isn't just about the final destination but about the journey there, too - the places we see and the people (and critters) we meet along the way.

We're #LeapFrogs on the move again!

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