Friday, January 25, 2019

Technology on the Open Road

This post will be short and sweet because daylight is fading and we have to find tonight's campsite.

Flag on the Mississippi River
in Alexandria, LA
While living in metro Atlanta, we never worried about having cell or internet service. We knew we'd lose service in some of the mountainous areas, and in certain spots here and there, but for the most part, we knew we could connect either way almost anywhere.

That hasn't been the case on the road, though. We've use MetroPCS for our phone service for many years - they're now part of the T-mobile network. We've been extremely happy with the service, so we never gave it a thought before we left home, expecting to continue using them as phone and internet hot spot. But once we left my Mom's house, service became almost non-existent all through Mississippi and Louisiana. Our first hours in Texas have been immensely better.

We don't want to stay glued to our phones on this trip - we want to experience our travels. But since I'm still working, I must have reliable service pretty consistently.

I'm still researching - right now, it's a tossup between a Verizon Jetpack and Walmart's Smart Talk Hotspot, but I have many factors to consider and trying to figure out how I'll use either with our current plan, or whether I need to change plans altogether.

Such is life on the go.

(Still looking for a better solution for my fly rod. The last few places I've looked haven't had the solid tube that will let me keep my reel attached.)

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