Monday, January 14, 2019

The Beginning of a Dream Realized

The day after Christmas, Tim and I received some news that could have been devastating, but after a few hours of shock, we decided to view the information from a different perspective. Once that took hold, we realized a life-changing opportunity presented itself, and we had an immediate decision to make - continue on as things were or take a chance and do something different.

So we leaped!

Have you ever heard the acronym for F.R.O.G.? Fully Relying on God? Well, when we decided to take this route, a friend suggested adding the word LEAP - Leaving Everything Always Praying Fully Reliant on God.

Tim and I are now #LeapFrogs!

Today, we begin the journey of a lifetime. We're taking a cross-country road trip of an indefinite length - hopefully for at least a year, perhaps even two. We'll explore locations, take photos, meet people, and journal our trip here on the blog so you can travel along with us. Perhaps we'll even meet some of you along the way.

Our purpose for the trip is to experience as much as we possibly can. Time is short - so very short - and there's so much to see. So much we haven't seen.

To make it easier to follow along, we've adopted the hashtag #LeapFrogs to use on social media. We'll share our journey through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Patreon, and on my TMPixArt page, too, so I invite you to join us wherever you can and to  help spread the word of our travels.

Tim is retired, but I am not so I will continue working, continue running my businesses online and on the road, publishing books for clients and for myself, consulting, creating art with my photography, and writing. I've even created a few products with our new #LeapFrogs logo! A few books are already in the works, too, so watch for details of that in the coming days.

We're not wealthy, and Publisher's Clearinghouse was taking too long to find us, so we're setting out in our SUV with a tent. (And a heater, and so much more stuff our car is overflowing.)

In the coming days, I'll share how we prepped for the trip and I'll share some checklists to help others thinking about taking a similar journey. This is a dream come true, and we're surprised to learn that it's a dream many other people have, too.

We'd love to hear from you as we move from place to place. Tell us about your favorite "must-sees" that are off the the beaten path. Can't promise we'll get to see them all, but we'll try to fit in as many as we can.

Some of our interests include: art, architecture, nature, western/cowboy stuff, and funky/fun/unusual. We're also foodies, but we are on a limited budget, so we'll be cooking a lot of our food as we camp, but travel days, we're going to try to find local favorites.

Next post, I'll share our general route as we begin. We're already learning that flexibility is key on this journey, and honestly, we have to learn how to just relax a bit, and meander, savoring every step of the journey, rather than pushing from destination to destination.

Have you ever leaped into something new and exciting? We'd love to hear about it!

Family and friends have asked for ways to help us and participate in our journey. I've set up two buttons in the right column to do just that: the Feed the Frogs button is for Paypal donations, and the Wish / Needs List is our "registry" on Amazon. If you'd love to be part of the journey, we'd love to have you along. We greatly appreciate your support!

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