Monday, February 11, 2019

From one Pioneer Town to the Next

From Pioneer Town in Wimberly, Texas, we drove to The Buggy Barn Museum in Blanco. I'd read online that they had some wagons used in John Wayne movies, so I knew Tim would love that. But, like so many things on the internet, that wasn't quite true. They did have several wagons and buggies that were used in the new version of True Grit (2010, with Jeff Bridges), but only one of them was marked.

The "barn keeper" was friendly, and turned us loose to look through the buildings on our own, but kept popping up here and there to give us different facts about some of the artifacts. After we'd been all over the barn looking at the wagons, buggies, stage coaches, and more, he told us to keep walking toward the back, where they had their own pioneer town set up.


From Pioneer Town and The Buggy Barn Museum of the 1800s, we leaped forward to the 1960s with our next stop.

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