Monday, February 25, 2019

#LeapFrogs: Holy Ground in Kerrville Texas

So many towns are surprising us with their offerings - towns we'd never heard of or even seen on a map before this trip. Our next stop offered a us a time of worship and rest that we never saw coming.

Kerrville, Texas is home to the Empty Cross, as it is commonly known, or officially "The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden." I'd heard about the cross only a few days prior and made it our first stop when we arrived into town. Some "attractions" like this end up being cheesy or have other intentions, so I had no expectations when we got there. The drive up the mountain almost caused us to turn away (have I mentioned I tend to fear mountain roads and high bridges - but usually force myself through?) but my desire to see the cross was greater than my fear so I kept driving upward.

The moment I stepped into the garden, I knew I was indeed standing on Holy Ground, and I removed my sandals. (Grateful for the sunshine and warmth that day, too!)

A concrete path leads visitors to the cross. Inserted in the concrete are engraved plaques with Scripture on them, offered in Spanish, English, and German.

The walkway leads to a statue, and then to the Empty Cross.

Lining the walkways are rock gardens - flat stones with prayers written on them. In various places throughout the area, they've placed piles of empty rocks for anyone to take and write prayers on to place along the way. I spent time praying over some of the requests - so many prayers for families as a whole, and for individual family members, too. Prayers for homes, jobs, healing. Wayward children, aging parents. Prayers for addictions. Prayers for finances. Someone placed a marriage proposal in the midst of the prayers. 

Our time there was precious and unexpected. Peaceful. We were indeed standing on Holy Ground.

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