Friday, April 5, 2019

#LeapFrogs: On to Arizona

Excited to be in Arizona - my second "new" state, and Tim's third. We had a peaceful night in the San Simon rest stop after speeding across New Mexico, and the morning dawned bright and clear! Sunshine!! As we started driving, clouds hovered over the mountains in the distance. I had to pull over to snap a picture.

While we were pulled over, we decided to grab a cup of coffee from the convenience store, but it was too early and they weren't opened. We weren't exactly sure where we were when we pulled off the interstate, but this window educated us quickly.

Bowie, AZ - Rambo's hometown.

Next, we headed to Tombstone, AZ - I wanted to find my huckleberry and Tim was gearing up for shoot-out.

I'm not sure what I expected, but Tombstone was much more touristy than I like. I was afraid we'd not be able to experience the best parts - because of budget - but was surprised to learn that the OK Corral offered a ticket to several events and products for only $10.

The town itself is pretty neat. The main streets have wooden sidewalks and dirt streets. Storefronts fit the period, and cowboys and saloon girls walk the streets like any busy western town. Cross streets are regular traffic, so stage coaches drive the main drag, as Spyder motorcycles and Smart cars drag the side streets.

Our tickets included the shootout at the OK Corral, cheesy but fun and educational, and the actors were great.

I'd seen the next attraction referred to as "the blob" on review sites, so I wasn't sure we'd care for the Historama (you can see photos on RoadsideAmerica), but I loved it. If you've ever seen Atlanta's Cyclorama, telling the story of the Civil War, the Historama is much like it, except in "blob" shape. It's actually more of a volcano shape that turns and different parts move, but we learned the sad (and victorious?) history of the town of Tombstone. The story is told through the historama and through film, narrated by Vincent Price. Photos were not allowed, so I was a good girl and didn't try to sneak any, like others sitting near us.

Our ticket also included admission to the museum attached to the OK Corral, and to the newspaper museum down the street and around the corner (and a free newspaper to commemorate our day!) With a newspaper background and ink in my blood, I loved this one!

The town doesn't take itself too seriously, and that made it even more fun. Notice the last item on this menu:

On the way to Tombstone, I'd seen a cross on the side of the road, but had traffic behind me so I couldn't stop. As we left, I decided we'd try to find it again - and we did. The Holy Trinity Monastery.

Our next stop - another "must see" for me!

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