Thursday, June 13, 2019

#LeapFrogs: One National Forest

We sure didn't want to leave Ocracoke or any of the Outer Banks, but our journey continues.

We spent a couple of days driving in Virginia. Tim's dad was born and raised in northwest Virginia, so they visited that area often, and we visited Virginia Beach in 2014 when I earned my bachelor's degree, but the middle of the state was new to both of us.

We finally settled for a few days in the Oak Ridge Campground just outside Washington, DC. We were able to use Tim's lifetime pass so we received 50% off camping fees. This national campground was almost deserted during the week, but filled up with families and groups on the weekends. Each camping loop had a bathhouse with toilets, and the middle loop also had showers - the best showers of any of the campgrounds we've stayed in yet because they offered a bit more privacy than any of the others.

But the ticks were awful. We killed dozens. A few dug into to us, but we extracted them safely. 

We don't hike much, but Oak Ridge had an easy trail that led to what they called a waterfall. Not sure I'd go along with that definition, but I was happy to be hiking. 

Yes, there's a waterfall in there somewhere. 

As we finished the hike and got back to the car, we were greeted by something very special.

Do you remember when we were in McClellanville (outside Charleston), and had the thousands of caterpillars that we treated gently, and tried not to kill?

Well, apparently word got out, and we now have new friends! Five of these beautiful butterflies greeted us when we left the trail, and danced around us happily for several minutes, like they knew us. They even seemed to pose for me as I took photos. 

After a little rest, a little hiking, and too many ticks, we were soon on the road again.

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