Friday, September 2, 2022

One of My Stories in New Release | I Chose You: Imperfectly Perfect Rescue Dogs and their Humans

I'm excited and honored to have one of my stories included in this new anthology.

I Chose You, Imperfectly Perfectly Rescue Dogs and Their Humans is a must-read collection of honest, humorous, and heartwarming stories about rescue dogs who found their forever homes. I Chose You reminds us to be grateful for second chances and that the right dog, at the right time, changes everything for the better.

“I’m so thrilled to discover this beautiful collection of stories featuring these imperfectly perfect rescue pups. I Chose You has won my heart!”

— Janice Thompson, author of Paws for Reflection: 50 Devotions for Dog Moms

“Great read! Nothing in life is perfect except unconditional love. I Chose You captures that choice!”

— Adrian Palmer Board of Directors Medical Advisor Australian Shepherds Furever Rescue

“The best prescription I can write for trauma survivors, veterans with PTSD, and others with mental health issues, is the healing power of dogs. I Chose You is the perfect gift for yourself or a dog lover and a wonderful reminder of the unbreakable bond between canines and their people.”

—Angela Miller, Licensed Professional Therapist

Available on Amazon.


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