Tracy Ruckman is an upside-down, inside-out kind of creature. She rarely does things the easy way, including raising a family at an early age and going back to college at age 47 to earn her bachelor's degree, and then an MFA.

The same year she started back to college, Tracy’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to open two book publishing companies and during the years she earned her bachelor’s she also published 100+ books for more than two dozen authors, several of which have earned a variety of awards.  In 2014, she opened a subsidy press, and then in 2016, placed the two traditional presses into the capable hands of another publisher. The subsidy press, TMP Books, continues to grow and expand as she helps writers achieve their dreams of publishing books.

After earning her degree, Tracy decided one diploma wasn’t enough and began seeking her MFA in Screenwriting. She continues to write screenplays and has seen some success with contest entries.

Tracy understands spare time as a figment of someone else’s imagination, but occasionally she dreams of long, uninterrupted hours to think and write, unencumbered days spent fishing and sunning, and all those unexplored roads calling her name.

Hitting a Milestone

As 2022 ended, I had plans. Nothing extravagant, but perhaps a couple of adventures and a fall conference to prepare for and attend. But I q...